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What is the "shared office concept"?
Amenities are shared by all the tenants of the building and are included in the rent. It's a cost effective way for businesses just starting up or those staffed by only one or two people.

How much is rent?
A majority of the offices are either $400 or $500 per month. The $400 office is approximately 125 square feet and the $500 office is approximately 175 square feet and includes built in bookshelves. All offices have a window.

What services are included?
Services are many. These include a full time receptionist, voicemail, reception area, utilities (except phone), conference rooms, daily janitorial service, 24 hour access, kitchen, restrooms, lighted parking lot, Xerox fax machine, Xerox digital copier, high-speed cable internet, notary service, administrative support, workroom with basic office supplies, mail, delivery and pick ups from UPS, Fed Ex, and DHL!

Is Milwood located too far from town for a business to do well?
Our tenants love being at the edge of town because it virtually eliminates all unwanted foot traffic. It has been proven that working environments have a direct effect on your productivity and performance. What better atmosphere than Milwood where you can simply look out your window and watch the seasons change in your quiet office.

Do I need a PO Box?
Everyone at Milwood has their own mail slot. Mail is delivered mid afternoon and taken to the post office at the end of the day. Fed Ex, UPS and DHL all deliver to the building. Pick ups are scheduled as needed.

Is the building accessible?
There is 24 hour access to the building by merely typing in your assigned key code.
The building is also ADA accessible.

With all the tenants, how will my customers know who they've called when they call in?
Each phone line is answered per the tenant's instructions. For one call we might be "law office" and the next "XYZ insurance."

Who uses a shared office concept building?
Businesses just starting up
Home businesses that have outgrown their space
Businesses needing a Carbondale presence
Businesses that one person can run with the "shared" receptionist
Offices needing a branch office
Anyone needing office space

What is the Corporate Identity Program?
This program allows a business all the advantages of a regular office while paying for the office by the hour. An actual office is set aside and reserved by the hour. Businesspersons sometimes bring a box of personal items in to decorate the office, meet with their client and then pack up the personal items. All the while the client assumes the office is a full time office.

What is the cost of the Corporate Identity Program?
The cost is $150 per month plus the hourly rent for the Corporate Identity Office.

Who uses Corporate Identity?
People starting a business but not ready for full time office expenses
People testing the market with a new venture
Companies wanting a prestige location to meet with clients
People working from home
Businesses wanting a Carbondale presence
People needing conference rooms

What does Milwood Executive Suites offer that other offices don't?
Unparalleled professional customer service in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere


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